Overseas License Conversion

To convert your overseas license into an Australian drivers license you will have to first sit for a theory test at any Transport SA office. When you are successful in your theory test, you will be issued a temporary Australian license or a “Section 80” as it is commonly known.

“Section 80” entitles you to drive under conditions of a full license for 3 months from its issuing date. By the end of 3 months you have to take your practical test.
Adelaide Driving Lessons Required?
If you do not have much driving experience in Australia and need more time to get ready for your test – you can still preserve your entitlement to a full license.
To get more time for driving lessons you can get a temporary learners permit from the transport SA, if you regulate it BEFORE your “Section 80” expires.
Once you are ready for the test and you have passed it, you will get your full Australian license whether you have “Section 80” or temporary learners permit.