I need my P’s ASAP! Can I book my test for tomorrow?

DSC05820Working as a driving instructor for many years, you get to be pressured by all sorts of demands and expectations. Some of them can be quite unrealistic sometimes, but hey, who are we to judge?!

However, we do get a bit alarmed when, for example, asked by a 17 years old boy to have his test booked and done urgently tomorrow because the day after tomorrow he is going to go on a road trip with his mates /all the way from Adelaide to Melbourne/ and he HAS to be one of the drivers taking their turns on that interstate tour. After many years this request still resonates with us as one of the “greatest” ideas on how to start your P experience.

Hence, with all the due respect to the urgency of having your P”s ASAP, the answer to the question “Can I book my test for tomorrow?’ is:
NO, unfortunately, you cannot book your test from today to tomorrow for a number of reasons:
1. There is a Government rule in place which requires 3 working days between an official test booking and the test. For example, to have your test on Sunday, the last booking day would be Thursday in the week before that Sunday and so on.
2. After or before you go for your VORT test/CBT Final, you are required by the SA Government rules to pass a Hazard Perception Test at the Transport SA office to be able to get your P’s.
3. We don’t want to be a pain and “preach” that such rushed decisions are usually not based on the readiness to pass the test. We would like you to be ready and happily pass your test with the flying colours.

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