Do I need lessons before my VORT test?

cbta-imgThis is probably the most frequently asked question by clients who call to enquire about a VORT test. There is no a simple way of answering this with only YES or NO. It is complicated. The best answer would be a counter question: “Is your driving up to the VORT passing standard of the SA Government?” Meaning? If you do not know what is the passing standard of the VORT in SA, you are most likely not ready to pass it.

It is your call. You can choose to go for the VORT test without any professional tuition. As long as you are able to demonstrate that you are a safe driver, have a sound knowledge of the Australian Road Rules (100%), you are doing your System of car control sequences in the correct order 90% of the time, and you can demonstrate properly and lawfully 4 out of the 5 slow speed manoeuvres assessed in the test – you will definitely pass your VORT.

Very often people do not like to hear that after a trillion of hours of driving with their families and/or friends who put a lot of effort in supervising their learning hours and who all think that their learner driver is absolutely brilliant, they still might need some “tuning up” to be ready for their Ps. People quite commonly confuse their ability to operate a car with the readiness to drive safely on their own. It is never pleasant to be told that the rules are very often “slightly” different from what we constantly can see happening on the road and how we are used to driving.

The difference between a pass and fail in your driving test can be as little as going close to the speed limit, but creeping few km over it, or going strictly by the speed limit – as it is required by the rules. Do you stop at the stop sign fully and completely with the front of the car just before the stop line (as the rule says) or do you only go very, very slowly until you see it clear and then just proceed without a complete stop? Do you drive on the left side, but close to the middle of the unlaned road or do you place your car as left as practicable on the left side of the unlaned road as the rule says? Do you signal for 2 seconds before you change from one lane to another, or do you just flick the signal on as you are already half way in another lane? Do you, do you, do you…???

There are so many road rules which many experienced drivers do not go by and are not even aware of. If you know them, perfect and well done, it will contribute to your safety and help you pass your VORT. There are also many safety procedures prescribed by the Government which have to be followed for the passing score (90%) of your VORT. For most learners who already have a lot of driving experience, they are easy to be put together, it does not mean that they need an endless number of lessons. It is up to you to decide whether you want to have lessons or not, but it is highly recommended to have some professional tuition as your VORT preparation to be able to meet all the criteria successfully.

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