Booking driving lessons in Adelaide and cannot decide which method is better for you: VORT or CBT training? What CBT (Competency Based Training) gives you is a structured driving training with an instructor accredited by the Government to do a CBT assessment.

When you are competent in doing any task from the CBT section of your Log Book, it gets “ticked off” and that is how you progress towards your Final Task. When you are ready for your Final Task or Task 30 of the Log Book, you get officially booked for it through the Transport SA and it consists of a general drive.
You do your Final Task with the SAME instructor with whom you were having your driving lessons, so it is much less stressful than a VORT test. In the Final Task the score for the Road Rules has to be 100%, and 80% for the system of car control, rules of steering, braking, acceleration and observation.
When you are successful in the Final Task, you will get issued a Certificate of Competency which entitles you for the SA Probationary License (Ps). CBT is NOT ONLY for absolute beginners. If you are a more advanced learner, you will get recognition of the prior learning and finish your course much faster.